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OKAY... I have done it all. Lash extensions, serums, miracle vitamins. I think most of us have, right? I never met a person that did not love long lashes.


What I don’t love – are toxins. Especially ones near my eyes that allow me to see!




So I am SO happy that this serum actually works! When I use this consistently for a few months, I have the lashes we all deem to be #goal worthy. It is super easy too, but before I let you in on just how easy – I have to tell you that I only recommend this with Young Living oils.


Shameless plug? Nope, just education. Did  you know that to be labeled “therapeutic” according to the FDA – oils only have to actually contain 5% of the oil. It can be diluted up to 95% with anything else, including alcohol.


Plus, there are a lot of oil companies that use pesticides on their plants or are near a lot of pesticide use, that contaminate the product they derive their “natural” oils from.


I would NOT put that near my eye. But this, I will.


Here is what I do:


Buy empty mascara wands off amazon (these are the one’s I recently purchased). They are big so they will last a while!



Fill it with Castor Oil. After looking around, I bought this one. Just to let you know… castor oil is SO THICK. Just make sure that it is not watered down or that it has added chemicals.



Add in equal parts lavender, rosemary and cedarwood! I personally use a 10 ml tube and put in 6 drops of each, then fill up the rest of it with the oil. I am sure there COULD be a science to ratios but this one has worked so far so I am not about to complicate it.

VOILA - there you have it. Let me know how it works!

CLEAN BEAUTY – it’s a thing, right?


So happy with all the clean products out there now, but, which ones work?


I have pretty high standards for what makeup does for me, how it applies, how long it lasts and the pigments in it. I also hate wasting money, so I am here for you babe – so you don’t waste even a dollar.


Here is my roundup:



Ilia True Skin Serum Foundation.


Okay, I am obsessed! This was my newest purchase and it is a forever favorite! I love a good serum foundation. It is lightweight, goes far but has intense coverage! I personally like to still put a powder over it, since serum foundations need either a veil or powder of some sort since they are dewy. It definitely gives you that gorgeous glow once it dries.


I do have very dry skin – I might not recommend a serum foundation if you are naturally oily. Although, if you overproduce oil – it could be your skin overcompensating for being overly dry. Just something to think about.



Savvy Minerals Loose Powder Foundation.


I use this over my Ilia. I have a couple recommendations for pressed powder, but I love the loose one. I will often by my perfect shade and then a really deep one to contour with. You can also then add a bit of the deep one and mix them together when that summer sun comes out. So easy to adjust to your skin tone that way AND you have something to contour with.



Savvy Minerals Bronzer


Now, I love a bronzer I can contour with. With my pale skin, I have never been one to use contour kits – just too much for me. I have always used a matte bronzer HOWEVER this one is not for that. Get a deep foundation to contour with. This one is a gorgeous bronze with shimmer in it. What I love is that it is the perfect highlighter above your contouring and gives you a sun kissed look without being orange. GLOW BABY, GLOW!



Ecobrow Eyebrow Filler


I use this to line the outside of my brows before I fill with eyeshadow (yes – eyeshadow). It stays on all day and gives such a nice fluid line. If you like a heavy fill – you can use it to fill with as well and it will be your newest best friend.



Lily Lolo Mascara

OKAY – this is the mascara of all mascaras. My friends that don’t care about using toxins – go out of their way to purchase this because it is THAT amazing. It is volumizing and lengthening and is everything you could ever want in a mascara. This with your lash serum – unstoppable!


Let me know what your favs are!

Thanks! Message sent.


Natural Living Legacy

My grandma is the original kombucha maker (not really but, kind of). I recall being on vacation with her in San Jose at four years old, scared to go to bed after looking at the fermented creature that was claimed to be “healthy,” by my Grandma. 


Then I recall the resistance to tylenol being the cure for my knee pain, which lead to lots of hot baths and holistic cures during these vacations. 


As I grew older, there were many deficiencies I had that was made up in supplements, since the suggestion of whole foods was highly disregarded due to my lack of interest in cooking. I was the supplement queen in my friend group, but I didn’t mind because well... my Grandma suggested it. 


As you can see, I have a strong affinity for her. She has always been this very strong, adventurous, yet calculated woman throughout my childhood. One that does not saunter throughout her days due to a lack of difficulty in a circumstances, but in her trust in the Lord and her ability to fight for goodness to be found and known. 


I recall all of her resistance to instant remedies with gratefulness, seeing how they shaped me in greater ways than simple practicality. It has taught me to see that the fight is worth it, purity is good and that living an abundant life was more than what meets the eye. 


As I have ventured into my own journey natural living through becoming a distributor of Young Living Essential Oils, I have found myself always referring back to all the times she has given me natural remedies. Times of finally being relieved of pain without side effects of medicine, of having long term solutions that did not compromise other aspects of my life and of living a full, well-rounded life. 


Owning this as my way of life, has broadened my horizons to see the true greatness of living abundantly with natural resources. Seeing the beauty of creation as not merely a captivating sense for my sight, but captivating in touch and smell as well. Seeing the beauty around me be a place of internal abundance and outward practicality as well. Not accepting that, “I will always just feel and be this way” as truth - but seeing the vibrancy of life once again. 


So I journey and learn and educate to live fully. To be alive and free from the societal norm of side effects and illness. Deciding to truly live out the strength given to us in this fragile life. 


To me, it is fully living. It is legacy and it is my contribution. 






Tips from a glamorous girl living in a natural (as can be) world.