I feel like so many of you know the present me. If you experienced 20 year old Carissa or even 25 year old Carissa… I never did anything I really wanted to do.

I lived by a regimented lifestyle and busied myself in order to not have to sit with my sadness.

Turns out, thi...

I mean, I think we all know by now… that I affectionately call myself, “that girl” and that I always have.

Whenever people would roll their eyes at me as I fumbled through security at the airport.

Every time a cop pulled me over and I cried.

DEFINITELY when I neglected to...

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HEY! I'm Carissa!

I am a San Diego Native (but the country part of San Diego). I now live in the city and love to find good wine, good coffee & spend time with my besties at the zoo (yes, I mean the animals). Above all, sharing life with all of YOU is my fav. 

I love to live life intentionally and I love to show up fully - just as I am! Usually that looks like a train wreck of a person, since I leave my cell phone everywhere I go, whilst having stains all over me, all the while attempting to be a professonal Hotel Sales Manager by day. 

I spend the rest of my time connecting with women. Give me someone to sit with and hear their story - I am THERE. I love our contributions and I especially love encouraging you in yours. That is my hope. To share with you how I walked away from a life of longing to show up FULLY and encourage you to join me in the endeavor and to do so like never before.

OH - I also really like to talk holistic living. I am glamorous but I LOVE a natural lifestyle. Can't wait to chat! 


Carissa K 

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