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balloons; pink; brixton hat

I am always THAT girl… wherever I go. Either I am simply overdressed, rattling off my most embarrassing stories, or sitting on suitcases at the airport after I overstuffed them and have to rid myself of fifteen pounds of luggage. All while wearing high heels and a fur coat.

You know… “that” girl. For me, saying this used to be a place of shame. Now it is a place of freedom, of recognizing my own unique contribution and wanting the same for you! 

My greatest intimacies for the majority of my life were fear, shame and perfectionism. I spent every waking moment of my childhood aiming to please others, cheer lead, work, do well in school and be the BEST person in the world. Sadly, I wasn’t – so I moved to Oregon to become a hippy for five years after High School, ditched the whole education part of my move and went to Beauty School (the least hippy thing you can do).

Thankfully, it was the best learning experience. You know… when you learn you are not most important and that you are actually an equal to every other person in this world. That hearing other peoples’ stories will change you, more than you will change them.

Mostly, I learned that fear does not have to lead me. 

This made me want to fight, for all of us to look at each other in the eye. No matter our financial state, geographical location, career path… to really be in this – together and to be FOR  one another. 

Now that I have been back for five years, gone to therapy, dealt with a lot of shame and insecurity and FINALLY learned the freedom of facing myself, asking hard questions and allowing myself to show up FULLY s – I want to share it with all of you.

I love spaces for all, but especially for women. A space to be free to talk and discuss our greatness and weakness, a place to encourage each other in a messy journey and to not be ashamed. Where we are not expected to be tender and helpless, but apply our own God given adjectives.

This is for all of us.

So grab that drink and stay awhile. Talk natural living, San Diego, your heart beat and anything else, really. I want to hear it. I want to hear from YOU, because you are so important to this journey. 

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