We love it – we love to be SEEN and NOTICED. We have been conditioned to strive for recognition and reward. It starts when we are teeny tiny and grows into this monster of promotions, INSTAGRAM FOLLOWERS, blog subscribers and hey… if you are one of those awesome intell...

Time has authority over us when we allow it to. Taking control of our time, means more freedom and more time for what matters most. This intentional planning guide gives practical steps to taking back control of your time.

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HEY! I'm Carissa!

I am a San Diego Native (but the country part of San Diego). I now live in the city and love to find good wine, good coffee & spend time with my besties at the zoo (yes, I mean the animals). Above all, sharing life with all of YOU is my fav. 

I love to live life intentionally and I love to show up fully - just as I am! Usually that looks like a train wreck of a person, since I leave my cell phone everywhere I go, whilst having stains all over me, all the while attempting to be a professonal Hotel Sales Manager by day. 

I spend the rest of my time connecting with women. Give me someone to sit with and hear their story - I am THERE. I love our contributions and I especially love encouraging you in yours. That is my hope. To share with you how I walked away from a life of longing to show up FULLY and encourage you to join me in the endeavor and to do so like never before.

OH - I also really like to talk holistic living. I am glamorous but I LOVE a natural lifestyle. Can't wait to chat! 


Carissa K 

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